The agreement support (sample)

1. Subject of the agreement

The performer provides subscription service of the license software of the program complex installed on computers of the Customer, on conditions stipulated by the present agreement on 2 workstations within one year since 01.01.2005 for 31.12.2005.

2. Right and responsibility of the sides

2.1 The performer is obliged:
To provide technical support as consultations by telephone of hot line, e-mail or on territory of the legal Owner, change subver. (within the framework of the installed version), during period of subscription service (item 1).
2.2 The customer is obliged:
To pay reward according to the protocol of the agreement on a contractual price (application
# 1), being an integral part of the given agreement in 3 day period from the moment of the conclusion of the present agreement (100 % an advance payment).

3. Responsibility and order of the resolution of disputes

3.1 The sides bear responsibility for execution of the obligations, taken up on the present agreement, according to the legislation of Russian Federation.
3.2 The performer does not carry the responsibility for failures in operation of the PC called by malfunctions of the computer and - or operating systems, non-observance of the technical guidelines for operation with the Software, or unauthorized operations of the Customer concerning integrity of the Software.
3.3 The sides are released from the responsibility for complete or partial violation of the obligations under the present agreement in case of approach of force majeure circumstances, which sides could not expect and prevent.
3.4 The disputes between the sides under the present agreement are submitted in court according to the Arbitration remedial code of Russian Federation. The applicable right is the substantive law of Russia.

4. Any other business

The present agreement composed in duplicate, on one for each of the sides. Both copies have identical legal force.

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