1. Mandatory components of programs
      1.1. Microsoft® DCOM98 1.0, only for the environment Windows'9x (download of the file Dcom98.exe 1222 kb.)
      1.2. Microsoft® Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 (download of the file mdac_typ.exe 5569 kb.) or from a site Microsoft
      1.3. Only for export of the agreements of the ground areas (PC Arenda®) in the format XML:
              1.3.1. Visual Basic® Script Edition, only for the environment Windows 2000, XP (download of the file scripten.exe)
              1.3.2. Visual Basic® Script Edition, only for the environment Windows 9x, Me, NT4 (download of the file scr56ru.exe)
              1.3.3. XML-circuits "Arenda.xmlsch" from 25.02.05 (download of the file 5 kb.)
The notes:
( Microsoft® Windows ® Script containing Visual Basic ® Script Edition (VBScript). The version 5.6, JScript ® the Version 5.6, Windows Script Components, Windows Script Host 5.6, and Windows Script Runtime the Version 5.6.). Start the necessary file (scripten.exe or scr56ru.exe) on fulfilment and confirm the consent with the license agreement Microsoft. On demand of a program - installer reboot an operating system.
1. Place the file of XML-circuit Arenda in the directory of the PC the Lease ® (directory Arenda.exe). By default, it(he) there is unloaded at installation of the PC the Lease ®.

2. Install manually library, if Mdac_typ.exe will be given by(with) failure at installation) in the directory "X:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO\" (download of the file dao360.dll 557 kb.).

2. Auxiliary utilities
      2.1. Unpacking of archives *.zip with long names of files Lnunzip.exe (download of the file Lnunzip.exe 22 kb.)
      2.2. Unpack of files from the distribution kits ©Microsoft   (download of the file Expand.exe 16 kb.)
      2.3. The archiver of files, for unpacking archives of exchequer (download of files 225 kb.)

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