The historical information

"High Technologies of Management" Ltd Company is formed at the end of 1991 for the purposes of technological service of association of architectural - town-planning bodies of Russia. In particular to it it has been prepared 5, and 3 numbers of the Russian bulletin "House - 2" are issued. However since February, 1992 in connection with the termination of her financing from side AAGO owing to an economic collapse of the country, began to define independently the business - problems. Within several years carried out architectural - building designing and deliveries of computer facilities and the software (about 150 names). Was the authorized dealer of corporation Autodesk®, ESRI and others, carrying out functions of the system integrator in area SAPR and GIS technologies. In 1996 began to develop own software, and since 2003 this kind of activity began the basic. In 1997 it is created, with use MS Visual Basic 5.0, 2 version of a program complex Arenda®, improved till now. Now "High Technologies of Management" Ltd Company is focused to creation of systems of municipal (territorial) management by the real estate with use of geoinformation technologies, gravitating to creation of box products.