The program Payments

Is localized partially, the finishing of possibilities of multilingual usage is possible by the order of interests.
The program is efficient 30 days, further organizations - users should gain the license, see. The price-list.
The brief description of the program
Changes in a functional of the program (02.08.05)
The order of installation of the program

The order of upgrade of the program
Screenshots of the program

  The version 4.0 (developing)

The distribution kit program "Payments" from  08.08.05 (download of the file  SetupPayments.exe 10059 kb.)
Additional (mandatory) components: Dcom98.exe, Mdac_typ.exe

Upgrades of the program, the organizations - users who have registered the right on technical support can use only.
The last version of upgrade program from 12.09.05 (download of the file UpdatePayments.exe 1530 kb.)

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