The program complex (PC) Arenda®

We represent the first variant of the international version of the project the Arenda®. We beforehand ask to forgive us for our English language in conducted localization, as it is made only with the purposes of show of possibilities of localization of the program into other languages. We expect sentences on progress and localization of the PC Arenda®.
The brief description of the program (PC) Arenda®
Changes in a functional of the program (on versions)
Support of operation of the program (PC) Arenda®
The guidelines on installation
Screenshots of the program

The version 2.10 (international)

1. Distribution kit of the PC Arenda® from 14.09.05 (download of the file SetupArendaEng.exe 9662 kb.)
2. Auxiliary (mandatory) components

Upgrades of the version 2.10

Upgrades of the program, the organizations - users who have registered the right on technical support can use only.
The order of upgrade of the program

      loading of upgrades:
The last version of upgrade: Arenda.exe (00.00.00) with applications (download of the file UpdateArendaEng.exe 2453 kb.)
New (empty) database from 00.00.00 (download of the file 85 kb.)
Templates of documents, complete set (download of the file 175 kb.)

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